Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

1. Why buy from us?

Our customers purchase pure, registered Friesians for a variety of reasons. Some see Friesians as a Financial Investment in order to breed, some purchase a Friesian for dressage, pleasure riding or driving the carriage. Others purchase Friesians as a prestige object, their warm character or noble appearance. Whatever the reasons, it is important to choose the right horse.

This is were we add value and ensure we provide you with best possible advise and guidance. Our philosophy is to understand exactly your reasons for investing in a Friesian and provide you with high quality, registered and pure breed Friesians at an affordable price.    

2. Are all Friesian from the Friesian Ranch pure bred and registered?

Yes. You will only find pure bred Friesian horses at the Friesian Ranch. All Friesians have officially recognized registration papers. Those include the "Pedigree" and "Horse Passport".

3. Do customers from the United States need to pay taxes?

No. Customers from the US have the advantage to buy Friesians in Canadian Dollar without paying any taxes.

4. Is it complicated to transport Friesians from Canada to the United States?

The transport is uncomplicated,- we sell most of our horses to the United States and have customers in Alaska, Texas and New York. A official medical inspection and a Coggins test are necessary and will be completed by a veterinarian at the Friesian Ranch. We then transport the horses to Washington State where a hauling company continues the trip. Transport and veterinarian fees apply.

5. Can I use Artificial Insemination (AI) to breed my mare?

Yes, the regulations allow the use of AI. We have frozen semen from our breeding stallion Laes available and are able to ship it anywhere within North America.

6. What do I have to do to get my Friesian registered?

Every year, there are Kuerings throughout North America to judge the horses. At this time a microchip is placed in their neck, hair taken for DNA examinations and each animal will be branded. Each horse will be judged individually and receive a judging documentation with the achieved scores. Registration fees apply.