"Winnie v.L."

Born: 22.May 2007

Sire: "Laes" (Tsjalling235 /Hotse 223 /Ritske202 P)

Dam: "Lukkie" (Rypke321/Feitse 293 /Jochem 259)

Sporty type of Friesian,1st premium at foal inspection, expected height 16,3 to 17 hand

halter broke, nice temperament

SOLD  to a very good home and very nice people.    Congratulation  to Gale & John



"Baroness v. YDO"

Born: 26.June 2008

Sire: "Yk Dark Otto" (Yk Dark Danilo /Yk 339 /Romke)

Dam: "Falkje fan't Hiem" (Falke/Tys 274 /Dagho 247)

great confirmation,elegant movement,91 % Friesian an 9 % Arabian blood,halter broke,nice temperament,great sport horse


Arabo Friesian Gelding

"Black Willy v.YDO"

Born:27. July 2008

Sire: "Yk Dark Otto" (Yk Dark Danilo /Yk 339 /Romke)

Dam: "Falkje fan't Hiem" (Falke/Tys 274 /Dagho 247)

17 hands toll, in training,wonderfull personality

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"Belgier V.  YDO"

Born: 09.June 2008

Sire:  "Yk Dark Otto" ( Yk Dark Danilo/ Yk 339/ Romke)

Dam: "Lukkie" (Rypke321/Feitse 293 /Jochem 259)

Sporty type of Friesian, expected height 16,3 to 17 hand

halter broke, nice temperament,outstanding confirmation,

91% Friesian + 9 % Arabian blood

Kuehnle Marathon Carriage

Can be used as a single or for pair driving! 

Used very, little in excellent condition

Always stored indoors in a dry garage

Harness for a team is also for sale.

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Attention Friesian Driving Lovers!

Great offer on a package deal:

A pair of 4 year old Friesian stallions and pair of Friesian geldings + harness + white wedding carriage for sale.

Professionally trained to ride and drive as a single, pair, tandem and four-in hand. Driving safe on city roads ,forest and country. Horses display strong nerves at weddings and show programs.  Trained very well in basic riding. Excellent pair(s) for pleasure or coaching. Horses are professional trained for driving and riding in Europe.

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- Mares-
The selection of mares below delivered excellent premium offspring and have been with the Friesian Ranch for many years. As a breeder we are combining continuously various bloodlines to improve the quality and variety of our Friesian stock. Periodically we decide to purchase new mares and sell existing ones that we have been using successfully in the past.

Please find below our selection of high quality mares that are available for sale. This selection offers exceptional value,- please contact us for details.



"Falkje fan't Hiem"

Born :1993 ( sm:1,64m)
Sire: Falke 291(Tys 274/Hearke/Mark)
Dam: Bernarda 'Star' (Dagho 247/Tsjalling235/Hotse)

Three generations 'Star' or 'Model' at dams line, she was scored as 'Star ' mare and advised for MPT great confirmation(8,0), she is ridden (dressage/pleasure), second premium offspring, very easy to handle.

She is in foal to Yk Dark Otto.


"Tanja v. L."

Born: 10.June 2006
Sire: LAES FHS/FPZV registered/approved
Friesian  Stallion
Dam: Wijmke

Very friendly and easy to handle filly.  SOLD

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- Fillies of 2007 now three years old-



All fillies are now living together with the herd   .They are healthy, getting regularly wormed and are in good condition


"Willow v.L."

Born: 05.June 2007

Sire: "Laes" (Tsjalling235 /Hotse 223 /Ritske202 P)

Dam: Tinka (Star) (Remko v.Noordwijk/ Falke 291/ Tys 274)

2nd Premium (7/7.6 // 7.4)

Medium baroque Friesian, great movement, very feminine, 2nd premium at foal inspection halter broke, easy to handle, very friendly

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"Wildcat v.L."

Born: 16.July 2007

 Sire: "Laes" (Tsjalling235 /Hotse 223 /Ritske202 P)

Dam: " Lobke fan A."( Nammen308/ Djurre 284/ Wessel 237 P)

Medium baroque Friesian. Good confirmation, great trot and walk. Very friendly and willing to learn.

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