Marathon Carriage and Harness

Kuehnle Marathon Carriage


The Porsche of marathon vehicles! Kuhnle pairs Marathon Carriage Type K350 (with pole approx. 400 Kg. or 880 lbs).

Metallic marathon wheels, 4 wheel brakes, swivel pole end. Carriage is about 15 years old, but used <10 times! Imported from Germany.

The carriage is always storage in a closed garage and covered with blankets, nothing damaged and nothing wrong with it.

Asking $7,000. Shipping the responsibility of the buyer.

Located in Armstrong, BC, Canada.

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Real Leather Harness used on Kuehle Maraton Carriage. Used aprox. 10 times driving pair of 16 hands Friesians.

In very good condition, well maintained.Imported from Europe.Good quality.

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 Harness 5_233x350    Harness 12_233x350
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