"Tanja v. L."


Born: 10.June 2006
Sire: LAES FHS/FPZV registered/approved
Friesian  Stallion
Dam: Wijmke

Very friendly and easy to handle filly.






"Baroness v. YDO"


Born: 26.June 2008

Sire: "Yk Dark Otto" (Yk Dark Danilo /Yk 339 /Romke)

Dam: "Falkje fan't Hiem" (Falke/Tys 274 /Dagho 247)


Great conformation,elegant movement,91 % Friesian an 9 % Arabian blood,halter broke,nice temperament,great sport horse




Gelding - "Black Willy v.YDO"

Born: 27. July 2008

Sire: YK Dark Otto(Yk Dark Danilo /Yk 339 /Romke)

Dam: " Lukkie" (Rypke 321/ Feitse 293/Jochem 259 )

17 hh, in training, great personality!

 Arabo Friesian Gelding with: 9% Arabian +91%Friesian Blood


DSC 3968 640x539


"Winnie v.L."


Born: 22.May 2007

Sire: "Laes" (Tsjalling235 /Hotse 223 /Ritske202 P)

Dam: "Lukkie" (Rypke321/Feitse 293 /Jochem 259)


Sporty type of Friesian,1st premium at foal inspection, expected height 16,3 to 17 hand

halter broke, nice temperament


  SOLD  to a very good home and very nice people. Congratulation to Gale & John  



Falkje fan't Hiem - SOLD



1. Gelding

Born: March 23.1988
Reg.No.: 040007488
Reg. No.: 419/259
Tongue.: 525 F 88

2. Gelding

Born: April 22. 1986
Reg.No.: 040006386
Reg.No.: 372/264
Tongue No.: 651 F 86

3. Mare

Born: June 05. 1996
Reg.No.: 044696997

4. Mare

Born: April 26. 1995
Reg.No.: 110000395
Reg.No.: 199519190
Tongue No.: FHONF 1Z

5. Mare

"DJURA K" *judged for "ster" mare
Born:May 16. 1993
Reg.No.: 040000593
Reg No.: 199325340
Tongue No.: FH01LN4

6. Filly

Sire: Laes Dam: Oekje
Born: May 09.1998
Microchip No.: 0001239357 TVN

7. Colt

Sire: Laes Dam: Annabell
Born: May 25. 1999
Indent No: 045392799

8. Filly

Sire: Laes Dam: Djura
Born: May 28.1999
Indent No.:041535599

9. Filly

Sire:Laes Dam: Elskje
Born: June 03.1999
Indent No.: 044049899

10. Colt

Indent No.:045419799
Sire: Laes Dam: Lugana
Born: July 29.1999

11. Filly

Sire: Laes Dam: Warna
Indent No.:045473699

12. Colt

Sire: Laes Dam: Djura K.
Born: April 03.1998
Microchip No.:0001332A50TVN

13. Colt

Sire: Laes Dam: Annabell S.
Born: April 23.1998
Microchip No.: 0001230441TVN

14. Mare -In Foal-

"OEKJE, 9378" *judged for "ster" mare
Born: April 08. 1988
Reg.No.: 040007588
Tongue No.: 440 F 88

15. Mare

Born:April 18. 1993
Reg.No.: 040000793
Reg.No.: 199307050
Tongue No.: FHOFXLF

16. Mare -In Foal-

"ANNABEL S." *judged for "ster" mare
Born: May 12.1992
Reg.No.: 040001692
Reg.No.: 199205780
Tongue No.: F1ZZ4V1

17. Mare -In Foal-

"WARNA" *judged for "ster" mare
Born: May 05.1991
Reg.No.: 040006391
Reg.No.: 199104810
Tongue No.: F1ZVZLF

18. Filly

Sire: Laes Dam: Lukkie
Born: April 05.1999
Indent No.:040494399

19. Colt

Sire: Laes Dam: Elskje
Born: May 10.1998
Microchip No.: 00013BOFB85TVN

Van Gogh two years.jpg (17068 bytes)

20. Filly

Sire: Laes Dam: Annabell S.
Born: May 09.2000

Anna2.jpg (17048 bytes)

21. Colt

Sire: Laes Dam: Lukki
Born: Jun 23.2000

22. Mare *judged for "ster" mare

Sire: Gregor Dam: Odine
Born: April 10. 1993
Indent No: 00-0022-7479

23. Mare

Sire: Lammert Dam: Lida
Born: July 14. 1996
Indent No: 042122096

24. Filly

Sire: Laes Dam: Elskje fan A.
Born: March 23. 2001
Indent No: n/a

Elly.jpg (18114 bytes)

25. Filly

Sire: Gregor Dam: Myrrhis
Born: June 09. 2001
Indent No: n/a

Emely.jpg (20494 bytes)

26. Filly

Sire: Reinder Van't Hop Dam: Elfe S.
Born: June 06. 2001
Indent No: n/a

Eva-Maria.jpg (18221 bytes)

27. Colt

Sire: Gregor Dam: Lobke Fan A.
Born: May 21. 2001
Indent No: n/a

Eric.jpg (15922 bytes)

28. Colt

"Victor v. L."
Sire: LAES FHS/FPZV registered/approved
Born: May 10. 2006
Indent No: n/a

29. Filly

"Viola v. L."
Sire: LAES FHS/FPZV registered/approved
Born: May 22. 2006
Indent No: n/a

30. Filly    

"Tiffany v.L."
Sire: LAES FHS/FPZV registered/approved
Born: August 15. 2006
Indent No: n/a

31. Colt   

"Titan v. L."
Sire: LAES FHS/FPZV registered/approved
Born: May 14th 2006
Indent No: n/a

32. Mare    

"Sestke van Kienum"  'Star'
Sire: JILLIS (Jochem / Mark / Tetman)
Born: 1997

33. Mare


Born: 08. April 1988
Sire: FALKE 291 (Tys / Hearke / Kasper)
(Dagho / Tsjalling / Chrytzen)
Very typical baroque style mare with long
mane and feathers. She is driven and
ridden. Extremely calm and friendly.3



"EMELY  M." (Star)

Born: 09. June 2001

Sire: Gregor (Keimpe 261/Cobus 248/Gerke 220)

Dam:Myrrhis (Lammert 260/Bjinse 241/Gerke 220)

Very baroque style mare with long mane and feathers. Impressive and forward moving trot!


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